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We freakin’ love coffee and we want to share our love for coffee to people all over the world! This blog documents our never-ending journey to educate, inform and most importantly, inspire ourselves and others on our road to finding the perfect cup of coffee and ultimately, fulfilling our dreams.

As we journey on, our mission is to become world class baristas and successful business owner with the most humble background.

Humble means that I will be starting with De’longhi EC702 semi-automatic crappy machine and a Rossi RR45 grinder (that I purchased from eBay for $169 and spent three days restoring). 

Our goal is to make coffee that:

1)  a Starbucks customer would prefer over Starbucks

2) can compete with high-end third-wave coffee shops

I know this sounds crazy and that there is a low chance of succeeding in the second part of our goal, but luckily, its the journey that really counts! Let’s do this!



    1. Thank you Elena for visiting out blog! We really appreciate hearing from readers. This blog is still new so sometimes it feels more like a personal diary than a blog. Glad to hear there are people reading! Love your blog!

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