How to pronounce those difficult coffee terms

Let’s face it. We’ve all been caught in this difficult situation before. Walking in to your favorite coffee place, you immediately notice a new 4×5 or whatever sized coffee design you’re like oh hell yes! They’re offering a new single-origin!

Ngunguru. Oh no, is the G silent or is the N silent? How to I order my pour over without sounding crass… Shit, I’m up next…

“Hi! I’d like to get an iced almond latte please!”

NOOOOO! What I really wanted was the “Na-gung-guru”?

I came across a funny Sprudge article, “How to Pronounce Difficult Coffee Terms” and got a really good laugh out of it. Check it out! Here are some of the guides that were posted in the article:

By the way, this is how Ngunguru is correctly pronounced:


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