Month: August 2014

Bean Boozled Challenge!


How to pronounce those difficult coffee terms

Let’s face it. We’ve all been caught in this difficult situation before. Walking in to your favorite coffee place, you immediately notice a new 4×5 or whatever sized coffee design you’re like oh hell yes! They’re offering a new single-origin!

Ngunguru. Oh no, is the G silent or is the N silent? How to I order my pour over without sounding crass… Shit, I’m up next…

“Hi! I’d like to get an iced almond latte please!”

NOOOOO! What I really wanted was the “Na-gung-guru”?

I came across a funny Sprudge article, “How to Pronounce Difficult Coffee Terms” and got a really good laugh out of it. Check it out! Here are some of the guides that were posted in the article:

By the way, this is how Ngunguru is correctly pronounced: