green smoothie

How to Make Green Smoothies with a Cheap Blender

You don’t need a $600 Vitamix to make really smooth green smoothies using fibrous greens (although it would be nice!). Just make sure to blend the greens with your liquid first and do it on a low speed. Once your greens are blended, add your frozen fruits and/or ice and then blend on a high speed to give your smoothies a smooth texture that’s comparable to expensive blenders.

Here’s what you need to make Kale and Parsley smoothies for 2:

1c             Orange Juice

3 oz         Kale

.5-1 oz     Parsley

1               Frozen Banana

3 oz         Frozen Pineapple

…and a few ice cubes

Feel free to experiment around! They are so delicious and fresh tasting!