Coffee Scout App!

We’ve all been there. Traveling to a new place with unfamiliar streets and neighborhoods, whether it be another city or another country. You’re craving coffee like a junkie craves his next fix, but you’re clueless as to where you can find the local pusher. Been there, done that. It’s unfortunate that most people will just settle for the nearest Starbucks out of convenience (we’ve definitely been guilty of that). The Coffee Scout App, which has been released for Android phones earlier this month, is here to guide you!

Conceived by coffee-fanatic,and Google employee, Alon Havey, and partnered with Barista Magazine, Coffee Scout uses crowdsourcing to map a database of locally owned and independent coffee shops around the world. Just type in where you are, or just hit “Use My Location” and it’ll map out, as well as list all the coffee shops near you.

This isn’t Yelp. It’s not a place for reviews. It simply allows coffee shop owners to put their business out there, along with their hours of operation, coffee served, a brief description and list of amenities such as wifi, outdoor seating, parking, payment options, etc. With all this information, you can decide which one to try (but why not try them all!).

Forwarding the info from Barista Magazine:

If your shop isn’t on the map yet, you can add it here! Just like the apps, it’s fast, easy, and free!

By the way, Alon has a special request for cafés in Paris, London, and Stockholm: He’d like to see more you listed! (Maybe he has a visit in the works?) We’d love to see you join Coffee Scout and help the project grow!

Go download it now!


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