Sputnik Coffee Blog: Pour Over #2 (Failed)

Its Thursday! Almost there guys! The weekend is approaching but unfortunately for people in Raleigh, I believe theres also a little winter storm approaching tomorrow? We are all so sick of it.

So just like there’s good news and bad news mentioned above, there’s also good news and bad news concerning this pour over run. The bloom was good. I dialed my grind back a notch to 30 instead of 31/32 and got a bigger bloom. However, either the dripper or dripper stand was tilted, causing the coffee to run down the side of the dripper and the all the way to the dripper stand. What a mess!

The coffee used was Counter Culture Ikawa Burundi, roasted on 2/24, so about 9 days old. Its a lighter roast with lots of citrusy flavors. It reminds me a little bit of fruit leather. Actually, I think that’s the best way I can describe the taste. I prefer it at a lower ratio, usually about 25g to 300ml of water.

I think the pour could have been much better. At about 10 and 11 o’clock on the dripper, I think I poured too close to the edge. I find that the smaller the circle I pour, the more I can get out of the coffee, especially with a lower dose. When I thin out the coffee barrier on the edges, it allows water to just go down the sides, creating a slightly watered-down brew.Β Its also much easier to pour with more coffee in the dripper. It drips slower and its more forgiving.

I just ordered the Hario V60 dripper and a pack of filters for a total of $26.46. The dripper was 19.19 and the 100ct filters were $6.81. The most expensive filters I’ve ever bought.

Looking forward to the next video with the Hario V60!

Music: Melanine by Tycho

Camera: Canon 5D MII with Sigma 20mm 1.8
Canon T1i with 50mm 1.4


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